Rakks: The Perfect Fit for Creating Space in Cantilevered Lake House

by Rakks | August 14th, 2013

In 2009, Lloyd Komesar and Maureen Carn purchased a small camp in Leicester, VT on the shore of the 1,000-acre Lake Dunmore.  The small lake house on the property was dilapidated so Komesar and Carn hired Vermont architect Elizabeth Herrmann of Elizabeth Herrmann Architecture and Design to design a new home. Working within the limited footprint of the old house, Herrmann and her associates created a warm 1,583 square foot cantilevered lake house with strategically placed interior solutions, including Rakks shelving, that are specifically designed to fulfill Herrmann’s vision of open space.

Cantilevered Lake House with Rakks Shelving

Ext. Cantilevered Deck / Int. Kitchen with Rakks

Courtesy Susan Teare Photography

The zoning restrictions offered Hermann “an exciting challenge of creating a structure that could not afford wasted or unused space.” She created a pair of cantilevered decks that jut over the water without disrupting the shoreline, “a solution the State’s Water Quality Division embraced,” Herrmann added. The home received a Five Star Plus Energy Rating from Efficiency Vermont.

The uninterrupted flow of the interior space is a result of the lightly painted, trimless walls, frameless doors and Rakks shelving. Blending seamlessly with the kitchen’s light, restrained tones, the custom- crafted shelves are specifically tailored to complement a breathable environment.  Rakks’ minimalist design creates a floating illusion akin to that of the cantilevered deck over the lake, maintaining a discrete presence while commanding functional attention. The custom design emphasizes functionality, while effortlessly supporting any decorative objects.

Rakks Shelving in Elizabeth Herrmann designed Lake House

Courtesy Susan Teare Photography

Built-in maple kitchen cabinets and vanities, exceptionally finished by Fine Lines in Wood, take the place of furniture and further promote the openness of the space. Fine Lines in Wood is a staff of seasoned and highly skilled cabinetmakers.  Brian Bueau, draftsman for Fine Lines in Woods, says “We often recommend Rakks for everything from counter supports to contemporary shelving systems. Their products are great to work with.”

Of the hundreds of camps that line the shore of Lake Dunmore, the Komesar home is an example of brilliant yet discrete architecture that matches functionality with aesthetic and maximizes potential in minimal space.

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