At Rakks We Cover All the Angles

by Rakks | April 3rd, 2012

The use of angled shelves is a perfect way to improve product visibility and display a wide variety of items. At Rakks, our shelving systems provide many great options for slanted display shelving.  With our make-to-order capabilities, we can supply a bracket for whatever shelf depth and angle you need. With so many different bracket models, sizes, finishes and angles, it sometimes seems like no two brackets are the same.

While our product line is diverse, there are a few things that every slanted shelf project shares:

1   A specified angle down (or up) from the horizontal.
2.  A way to make sure the shelf doesn’t slide off the bracket
3.  A way to make sure items don’t fall off the shelf.

Here are some examples of this versatility:


Slanted Rakks Style Bracket with aluminum shelf and integrated aluminum shelf lip.

Slanted L Bracket

Slanted L bracket with aluminum shelf and integrated aluminum shelf lip.


HCT Showroom

Slanted L-bracket with glass shelves with glass shelf lip.


Slanted Rakks Style Brackets with Retaining Pins.


Jean Connection

Slanted T-Style Brackets.


conde nast

Brackets slanted “up” from back of pole with aluminum shelf lip.


waterfall tavern

Slanted Waterfall Brackets.


Whatever your angled shelving need may be, Rakks has the product versatility and design creativity to cater to even the most unique situation. We’ve got your angles covered – contact us today to see how Rakks can make your shelving idea – a reality.

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