Architect Spotlight: Five Dot Design/Build

by Rakks | October 23rd, 2012

Five Dot Design/Build

For over forty years, Rakks products have been used around the world in Museums, residences, hospitals, retail locations and more – any project that requires stylish and functional shelving. Many of the innovative architects and designers that spec our products are creating cutting edge spaces, and doing a lot of good in the world with their designs. One of these progressives is Five Dot Design/Build. Five Dot creates beautiful and inspiring designs that are mindful of the environment and efficient for the residents and/or patrons.

"The Orchard" Bathroom

One of the Seattle firm’s projects from 2008 was a 3300 square foot residence called “The Orchard”. Rakks was happy to play a role in this project. The residence, also located in Seattle, is a highly sustainable building that is purely modern in design. Some of the sustainable features of the building include a rainwater harvesting system that provides water to the toilets and laundry, and on-site storm water treatment. Some reclaimed building materials were used, and energy consumption was reduced by using daylighting strategies and radiant floors. Even the surrounding landscape design is eco-friendly, utilizing native and low-maintenance plants to reduce the impact on the surrounding wildlife.

Rakks shelving can be found in the home’s beautifully modern kitchen. The shelving seamlessly matches both the woodwork of the cabinets and the sleek metallic appliances and booth seats.

Five Dot Kitchen w/ Rakks Shelving

Clearly, Five Dot’s devotion to sustainability is matched by its creative ability.

Five Dot Living Room

“The Orchard” was featured on a local Seattle news station shortly after being placed on the market. Watch the segment, which includes a tour of the house’s interior, here.

Five Dot’s sister company, The Global Studio, is devoted to creating inspiring, sustainable homes and structures for non-profits and communities in need. They have worked on village development, among other projects, in Central America and Africa. We salute Five Dot and The Global Studio for not only their unique design mindset, but for using their talents to benefit the earth and those that live on it.

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