An Interview with Interior Designer Jonathan Taylor

by Rakks | March 21st, 2012

Interior Designer Jonathan Taylor Raves About Rakks Shelving at the Rodgers and Hammerstein Organization in Manhattan and in His Own Home

Rodgers and Hammerstein Organization Featuring Rakks Shelving
Rodgers and Hammerstein Organization

At Rakks, we are fortunate to work with many talented interior designers. As part of our blog, we interview many of them and share their insights about design and projects they have worked on. One such interior designer is Jonathan Taylor who works on both coasts with offices in New York and Oakland, California. We hope you enjoy his interview!

Q: Tell us a little about Jonathan Taylor Design.
A: I founded JTD in 2000 after a 15 year career in Commercial Television Production and Brand Strategy. During the course of my business I was often asked to design interior and exterior spaces, and, to make a long story short, when the Tech Boom imploded hanging my own sign was a natural next step. The phone started ringing and I went from there. It was not completely unexpected, my mother is an interior designer and my father and sister are both graphic designers.

I draw inspiration from the work of early 20th century interior designers and architects who were working in (analog) environments of collaboration and innovation. Ideas of order and simplicity excite me. I’m very attuned to creating functionality and real word design, not fantasy, and am driven to create beautiful, comfortable and functional spaces for my commercial and residential clients.

Q: How did you discover Rakks and why did you decide our brackets and shelving systems were right for the Rodgers and Hammerstein Organization project?
A: I saw Rakks for the first time at a small retail store on the Upper East Side twenty years ago. I liked the clean lines and seemingly Scandinavian influence, the extruded aluminum and the floor-to-ceiling system. I spotted the product a full decade before I actually used it! My first time was in my own home, then in two commercial projects. For Rodgers and Hammerstein, we needed shelving systems that were lightweight, flexible and easy to install without having something that detracted from the visual of the architecture. I knew Rakks was right the moment architect Blaze Makoid and I began working on the two-story glass showcase. It was a no brainer.

Q: Have you used Rakks again on other projects?
A: Shortly after Rodgers and Hammerstein, I installed Rakks in a residential loft project where I mounted roughly 15′ high by 50′ of shelving. It was a giant undertaking for the client but allowed them to finally have a place for all their books and collectibles. The system was perfect for this application.

Q: What’s ahead for Jonathan Taylor Design?
A: At present, I’m installing a law office in New York, starting a modest but tasteful law office in San Francisco and in the midst of multiple residential projects in San Francisco and New York. I just finished a wonderful space at 280 Park Avenue for a Palo Alto-based VC fund.

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