Regular, Premium, Super, or Algae

by Rakks | October 15th, 2010

Rakks Lab Shelving/Laboratory Shelving at Algenol Biofuels

Imagine a futuristic world – flying cars speed through the sky, powered only by clean natural energy sources like solar or water power. Now imagine that scenario in the not-so -distant future. Though flying automobiles may still be more fiction than fact, Rakks has had the opportunity to provide quality lab shelving and lab products to a biofuel company known as Algenol Biofuels. Working in the field of biotechnology, Algenol’s operations deal specifically with creating ethanol from an usual source. “Harnessing the Sun to Fuel the World,” Algenol has developed a proprietary process of producing ethanol and other high-value organic green-chemicals directly from only carbon dioxide, water, sunlight, and specialized hybrid algae.

The company’s DIRECT TO ETHANOL® process, published in Applied and Environmental Microbiology in 1999 by creators Paul Woods and Dr. John Coleman, features a proprietary flexible film photobioreactor made of plastic with special additives and coatings. This photobioreactor acts as a chamber in which ethanol created within the hybrid algae cells can be collected, concentrated and then distilled into fuel grade ethanol. In order to complete these complex processes, Algenol operates a fully equipped biological research and engineering laboratories with zero pollutant discharge and has amassed one of the largest collections of blue-green algae strains in the world.

To meet the demanding requirements of the lab environment, laboratory shelving and equipment must be of the highest quality and most durable materials. Sold and installed by LOC Scientific, Rakks supplied PD6 double support poles, T-Style shelf support brackets, and the accessory hardware used to integrate the shelving into the casework. The end result – an attractive, strong, sanitary system with infinitely adjustable shelves.


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  1. Absolutely beautiful shelving. So attractive I would put these up in my home, especially in this color. I love the accessory hardware and adjustable option.

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